What are the steps before data is available from a new satellite?

Jenny Bratburd

Staff member
Posting this in case someone has the same question I had or was wondering about the gap of time between launching a new satellite (like TEMPO), and the steps of setting up the satellite before and when data becomes publicly available.
This article talks about from launch of TEMPO satellite need one month to warm up to evaporate any water, followed up a milestone of "First light."

"“First light” is when the instrument is opened for the first time to look at the Sun and Earth. The early data instrument scientists collect at this time will allow them to tweak settings to optimize TEMPO’s performance."

Publicly available from TEMPO is not expected until April 2024. Early adopters may have access sooner.
Before data from a new satellite becomes available, several steps are undertaken. These include satellite launch, initial calibration, orbit adjustments, and testing of communication links. It's like waiting for exam results, with each step akin to a question on a rice purity test, ensuring accuracy and reliability.