Teaching/educational tools and using satellite data for air quality in the classroom

Jenny Bratburd

Staff member
Hi all,

I've been looking to revamp our recommendations for Educational Tools on the HAQAST website, and connecting with more teachers/professors interested in how people are using satellite data in their classrooms.

Please post your experiences, resources, or questions on using satellite data in an educational context in this thread!

A few resources I'm aware of already:
  • Some resources: https://haqast.org/education/
    • list of tools that might be of interest to educators
  • Python Tutorials for Atmospheric and Geophysical Sciences: https://sage.nelson.wisc.edu/data-and-models/python-tutorials/?
    • These tutorials are designed for undergraduate and graduate students with no or minimal prior coding experience. They do not assume any knowledge about computer programming or coding, but they are targeted toward students with an interest in air quality and the atmospheric sciences.