1. H

    Data to detect

    Can satellite data see the impact of the new jets in the Madison, Wisconsin area?
  2. Jenny Bratburd

    Teaching/educational tools and using satellite data for air quality in the classroom

    Hi all, I've been looking to revamp our recommendations for Educational Tools on the HAQAST website, and connecting with more teachers/professors interested in how people are using satellite data in their classrooms. Please post your experiences, resources, or questions on using satellite data...
  3. S

    Satellite use in fighting Land dispossession

    Hi there my name is Stephen Gambare from Marsabit Kenya. As expected , there are differential endowments and application of the republics laws , regulations and favours. Northern Kenya has been at the periphery of the Republic and is now opening up for unscheduled , haphazard investments...
  4. Jenny Bratburd

    What are the steps before data is available from a new satellite?

    Posting this in case someone has the same question I had or was wondering about the gap of time between launching a new satellite (like TEMPO), and the steps of setting up the satellite before and when data becomes publicly available.
  5. BrandonW

    Satellite typification

    What are some commonly used satellites for air quality, and is there a manual for which satellites to use for different applications (i.e. spatial or hydrological analysis)?
  6. Jennifer McGinnis

    Why use satellite data?

    If we have ground based monitors already, what is the point of using satellite data?
  7. Jennifer McGinnis

    Satellite Challenges

    What are technical challenges inhibiting large-scale use and application of satellite data?
  8. Jennifer McGinnis

    Does satellite data reflect human exposure?

    How effective is satellite data in capturing human health-relevant air pollution at the surface?
  9. Jennifer McGinnis

    Satellite Data Only?

    Is satellite data ever used by itself or is it normally coupled with ground based measurements?