Low Cost AQ Sensor Unification


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Hi! I'm Kristen Okorn, a postdoc at NASA Ames focusing on low-cost air quality sensor networks. I'm currently compiling some information on different low-cost sensor networks to propose a sensor data unification project via NASA Earthdata. I know there are a few other sensor people in HAQAST - if you operate a network or know of any lesser-known networks that I should look into including please let me know! Happy to share more info about the project and my own sensor network (INSTEP) via email or virtual meeting. Thanks HAQAST team :)
Hi Kristen! Thanks for your question. I can think of a few projects presented at our last meetings (you can find recordings here):
  • Sheryl Magzamen and Amber Soja's Tiger Team on prescribed burns used low-cost sensors.
  • Langston Verdin of MKE FreshAir Collective, one of our stakeholders, built a network in Milwaukee with sensors from IQAir
We'll also have a panel on this at HAQAST Utah, with Jeff Pierce, Pawan Gupta, Bryan Duncan and representatives from Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin (CHAW).