Introductions from ARSET SD4EJ Training Participants

Carl Malings

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Hello all!

I'm Carl Malings, an assistant research scientist at Morgan State University working at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and one of the trainers in the NASA ARSET Satellite Data for Air Quality Environmental Justice and Equity Applications (SD4EJ) 2023 training. I'll be presenting in Part 2, covering the various satellite data products available for air quality applications. In addition to being an ARSET trainer, I research new methods of combining different types of air quality information from models, satellites, regulatory monitors, and low-cost sensors, trying to improve our ability to estimate and forecast air quality at local to global scales. You can take a look at some of my previous work published here.

In this thread, we're encouraging anyone who attends the ARSET SD4EJ training and is interested in connecting with others working in this area to, if you wish, post your name, organization, and your motivation or interest interest in using satellite data for EJ applications. We hope that this will help participants in this training connect with each other and build a community. Feel free to contact each other here and start collaborating!

- Carl

This is Jenny Bratburd, the Outreach Program Manager for NASA Health and Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (HAQAST). You can learn more about the efforts of the Satellite Data for Environmental Justice (SD4EJ) Tiger Team, which helped lead to development of this training, as well as all of our new Tiger Team projects. Also, you can sign up for our mailing list to get news about the next iteration of the SD4EJ team, and stay connected with HAQAST via this forum!

When I'm not working on HAQAST projects, I am also researching and writing on climate change and health co-benefits and policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Very excited for this training!
Hi. Dr. Subhashni Raj here. I am an Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning and I am interested in using what we learn through the webinars to expand my work on environmental justice in the Pacific, including Hawaii where I am based.
Hi, I am Simon Bardsley from TerraAnalytica, my own company. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and hope to learn how to apply these skills to data from my country. I find these training sessions very useful and enjoy them greatly. I am a Geospatial Professional that left University fixed on Remote Sensing, but there are limited opportunities in this field in this country. I need up doing mostly GIS roles, but recently realised I was not happy in my career because I couldn't follow my passion. I am doing that now with my own company. I look forward you the first session.

I am Armin Nakhjiri, an Urban Planning Consultant and Remote Sensing Specialist hailing from Tehran, Iran. I hold both MSc. and BSc. degrees in Remote Sensing from University of Tehran. My Master's thesis delved into monitoring, analyzing, and predicting industrial air pollution through remote sensing data. Additionally, I have authored an article exploring the spatio-temporal patterns of air pollution in the bustling megacity of Tehran.

I am delighted to be here and expand my knowledge on Remote Sensing and my fields of study.

Thank you for having me.
Hello, this is Priscilla Baltezar. I am the GIS and Remote Sensing Technician at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Space Enabled Research group in the Meida Lab. Our lab is dedicated to promoting avenues of environmental justice across Earth's systems. Some of my projects work on utilizing earth observations to help West African mining economies sustainably manage and conserve forests in order to meet SDG goals and targets. We hope to leverage a human centered approach that is compassionate yet critical enough to leverage EO in a politically and economically complex situation.
I am Vasileios Salamalikis, an Atmospheric scientist working at NILU, Norway. I am from Greece and and I hold a PhD degree in Physics from the University of Patras, Greece. I am strongly interested in analysis, modeling and visualisation of atmospheric and environmental datasets.
Hello! I'm Tanya Bils. I'm currently working for OSU College of Public Health, School of Environmental Health as a GIS data analyst and data curator. Our lab is currently working on several projects considering GHG emissions reductions as well as environmental stressor relationships to early childhood development outcomes. I'm completing my MSc at ASU in Complex Adaptive Systems and hoping to enter a PhD program to apply remote sensing and spatial analysis to problems in sustainability and climate change resilience.
I am Olusegun Fawole, I use satellite data from several platforms to monitor AQ over several regions of sub Saharan Africa where there is serious dearth of ground-based air pollution measurement. I am a Lecturer & Researcher at the University of Portsmouth, UK
Hi ! My name is Irtaza. I am working with Green Circle Organization, an environmental non-profit. I want to focus on the sources of air pollution ( stubble burning in the peripheries and other miscellaneous sources ) and the disproportionate effects on the vulnerable pollutions in various cities in Pakistan.
Hello, My name is Juan Camilo Rojas Lucero, I am from Colombia. I obtained my bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering and master in Geomatics at Universidad del Cauca, I am deeply interested in remote sensing data applied to air pollution.
Hi everyone! I am Mia Kristine, Science Research Analyst from the University of the Philippines. Our project focuses on studies revolving around the emergence of diseases and I am part of a group that leverages GIS to model and analyze certain scenarios. I am relatively new to remote sensing and using satellite data for analysis but I am excited as to where this training will lead. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and wish to pursue a master's degree either in planetary or public health next year. I look forward to learning with you all.
Hello everyone, my name is Yoana Vargas, my background is geophysics. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Texas in San Antonio in the Environmental Sciences and Engineering Department. My research revolves around utilizing remote sensing to address pressing environmental issues, specifically focusing on air quality after a wildfire and dust events, understanding their impact on human health, and with a strong emphasis on prioritizing the environmental justice (EJ) component.

Feel free to add meús-vargas-magana-2a33a215/