AGU 2023 and AMS 2024 - Sessions of interest

Jenny Bratburd

Staff member
If you are convening a session for the American Geophysical Union (AGU) or American Meteorological Society (AMS), please feel free to post here!

Here's a few to get started:
Hello HAQAST Community. If you work on wildfires, please consider submitting to our AGU session, GeoHealth: GH030: Wildfires in a Changing Climate: Modeling and estimating landscape fire’s influence on Air Quality and Water Quality and associated impacts to Public Health (Conveners: Yasmin Romitti, Allison Patton, Cloelle Danforth, Jennifer Stowell):
We invite you to submit to AGU Session A090: Ground-Based Atmospheric Monitoring Networks. Please also feel free pass this announcement along to anyone you think may be interested. To submit an abstract, click here.

AGU Session A090, Description:

Ground-based networks for monitoring of atmospheric chemical composition and meteorology improve our understanding of local, regional, and continental scale atmospheric events and long-term trends, and inform decisions critical to air quality, climate change, weather forecasting, and human health. Monitoring networks serve an important role within the research community, providing a backbone of data to support modeling, satellite data product validation, and short-term measurement campaigns. Ongoing collaboration, communication, and promotion of monitoring network development and data products is necessary to fully leverage the benefit from such networks. This session explores how U.S. and international ground-based atmospheric monitoring networks can be utilized to

1. promote cross-network and -discipline engagement;

2. develop and test new technologies and sensors;

3. expand quality assurance methods and techniques; and

4. support modelling and satellite data products.

Nicole Hyslop, University of California Davis
Jenny Hand, Colorado State University
Nick Spada, University of California Davis
Xiaolu Zhang, University of California Davis
Colleen Rosales, University of California Davis/OpenAQ